What are the dangers of having sex during pregnancy?

1, frequent lovemaking during pregnancy will cause the uterus to contract and compress the fetus to affect the development, and will seriously cause the rupture of amniotic fluid lack of oxygen or premature birth, 28 weeks before the premature baby basically can not survive.

2, will cause the baby was born with obvious fetal toxicity, the forehead will be transparent up many small blisters.

3, early pregnancy intercourse, may cause maternal infection of the birth canal, which will lead to fetal malformation.

According to clinical statistics, couples who have sex during the third month of pregnancy, the miscarriage rate is about 30%. The frequency and time of sexual intercourse after pregnancy is a matter of concern. Generally, doctors recommend that coitus should not occur within the first trimester of pregnancy and after 37 weeks of late pregnancy, and the frequency should not be too high.

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