Sexual aversion and physical boredom how to properly redeem?

1、Sexual aversion

Sexual aversion is a continuous state of hatred for sexual life or awareness of sexual activities. The performance of the fear of sex and anxiety, and produce boredom. Patients mentally aversion to normal sexual behavior, accompanied by physiological and sexual behavior abnormal reaction; both men and women can develop, with more women.

2, physiological boredom how to redeem

A friend encountered such a problem, so annoyed with a person, even if reason tells you can not do so, but still hate her, hear her talk and laugh will be very strong feeling uncomfortable, because of work reasons, have to communicate, but every time and she speaks even they can feel their voice tone becomes cold, even to the point where they can not control, next to the person is also estimated to have felt, now feel So embarrassing. This situation also often happens between lovers, so how to get back such physical boredom?

Many times, this requires us to communicate with each other and also with ourselves!

In general, hate a person, we big deal do not get along with him, out of sight, out of mind. But if the other party is a lover is a friend, then there is the need to redeem. If we hate him, precisely because he has certain qualities, and we hate ourselves some similar, then we should not try to reconcile with themselves, to understand why they will boast, but also precisely to cover up their own low self-esteem, in fact, the inner need for encouragement and comfort.

Treating people you hate, precisely because of the principle of mutual repulsion, he can also feel your aura of disgust, resulting in two people increasingly hostile to each other. You should try to take the initiative to climb, from the meeting to say hello, so there is no burden, if the other party is not wood, see your initiative to show goodwill, will also give the return.

No one wants to be hated, your disgust may also hurt others, so disgusted with a person, do not use too much negative emotions to treat, analyze the reasons clearly, and actively solve the problem, is the attitude.
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