Do you know how important sex education is in marriage?

I. Impact of the lack of sex education on marriage
From “no sex education” to “cheating sex education” to “want to do it but don’t know how to do it”, people’s attitude toward sex education has changed quietly and slightly over the decades. The attitude toward sex education has changed quietly and slightly over the decades. However, in the opinion of many people, sex education has always been a low priority and “even resisted”.
How exactly sex education should be taught is certainly important, but it is still secondary to specific discussions and research. And the most important thing is that because of the lack of sex education on the impact of marriage, sex education must be carried out, not to talk about “sex”, avoid the problem.
Second, the sex education in marriage
Sex education in marriage, the first can make the couple can have a satisfactory and safe sex life. Sex is the glue of marriage, is the highest form of the couple’s hearts and minds, together as one. If the sex is not harmonious, the marriage relationship is difficult to complete.
There are theories that: sexual intercourse is the highest and most ideal form of intimate behavior, sex brings physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction, so normal people should be from the physical stimulation of sexual intercourse and orgasm; who can get orgasm from sexual intercourse are “normal” people, those who can not get is “abnormal” people, orgasmic dysfunction, should receive sexual treatment.
In this philosophy, many wives who can not achieve orgasm will produce anxiety, fear, worry and sadness, in order to make themselves appear so-called normal, they have to pretend to achieve orgasm in exchange for the approval of their husbands. Some husbands do not review the subjective factors why they failed to let their wives enjoy orgasm, but blame each other is actually sexually dysfunctional, which not only caused great psychological damage to their wives, but also the disregard for their sexual rights.
Third, the concept of marriage and sex education
Marriage view, simply put, is that people’s views and attitudes towards marriage and family, and marriage view and sex education is often inseparable from each other. If the lack of sex education, will also affect people’s view of marriage, sex is originally a blessing in marriage, and is not shameful, people who can receive the correct sex education and sex concept, may avoid the occurrence of many injuries, the pleasure of sexual intercourse is from the love and mutual respect of the couple.

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