Couples who have sex need to know the sex knowledge you know?

Both sides should have basic knowledge of sex and understand the parts of the male and female reproductive organs. The mood of newlywed men and women is slightly different, the groom is often excited, curious, eager and slightly nervous; the bride is often more fearful, nervous, shy and apprehensive.

The groom should be restrained, do not touch the sexual organs too early, step by step using the gentle caress to eliminate the bride’s timidity and concerns, to stimulate its sexual desire. The sexual desire of the male partner is often a reflection of instinct, sexual imagination and visual stimulation are stimulants of sexual desire, the physical appearance of the lover, intimate expressions can cause sexual impulses.

Women are sensitive to sexual imagination, especially touch and hearing, and wives are easily aroused by sweet words, passionate hugs, kissing or caressing. Men and women should caress each other and strive to synchronize the excitement period. The woman should take the initiative to lift the nervous mind, the first time sex is not completely successful, can not reach orgasm is a common thing, to firm confidence.

How do couples have sex? To eliminate pressure, focus on improving their own and each other’s pleasure, find and eliminate the causes of low libido. Couples have sex the male partner should try to learn the basic knowledge of sex, improve their sexual ability a skill method. Through the communication of both sides, find out the most satisfactory method of sexual intercourse suitable for both sides. You can cold water rinse or towel wet compress penis, the patient every night before going to bed, with cold water rinse penis 3 ~ 5 minutes, or before sexual intercourse first with a cold towel wet compress penis for a few minutes, so that the penis vascular contraction to reduce the degree of congestion, prevention and control of premature ejaculation.

After the age of 60, when you enter old age, you should also keep at least 1 time a month. This is from the general point of view, each person may be appropriate to add or subtract from the specific situation. Under normal circumstances, but in order to long-term, balanced, maintain the best, even to sixty or seventy years old, do not suspend, cut off, so that you can maintain a certain long-term sexual ability, couples grow old together.

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