What are the dangers of having sex during pregnancy?

1, frequent lovemaking during pregnancy will cause the uterus to contract and compress the fetus to affect the development, and will seriously cause the rupture of amniotic fluid lack of oxygen or premature birth, 28 weeks before the premature baby basically can not survive.

2, will cause the baby was born with obvious fetal toxicity, the forehead will be transparent up many small blisters.

3, early pregnancy intercourse, may cause maternal infection of the birth canal, which will lead to fetal malformation.

According to clinical statistics, couples who have sex during the third month of pregnancy, the miscarriage rate is about 30%. The frequency and time of sexual intercourse after pregnancy is a matter of concern. Generally, doctors recommend that coitus should not occur within the first trimester of pregnancy and after 37 weeks of late pregnancy, and the frequency should not be too high.

Couples who have sex need to know the sex knowledge you know?

Both sides should have basic knowledge of sex and understand the parts of the male and female reproductive organs. The mood of newlywed men and women is slightly different, the groom is often excited, curious, eager and slightly nervous; the bride is often more fearful, nervous, shy and apprehensive.

The groom should be restrained, do not touch the sexual organs too early, step by step using the gentle caress to eliminate the bride’s timidity and concerns, to stimulate its sexual desire. The sexual desire of the male partner is often a reflection of instinct, sexual imagination and visual stimulation are stimulants of sexual desire, the physical appearance of the lover, intimate expressions can cause sexual impulses.

Women are sensitive to sexual imagination, especially touch and hearing, and wives are easily aroused by sweet words, passionate hugs, kissing or caressing. Men and women should caress each other and strive to synchronize the excitement period. The woman should take the initiative to lift the nervous mind, the first time sex is not completely successful, can not reach orgasm is a common thing, to firm confidence.

How do couples have sex? To eliminate pressure, focus on improving their own and each other’s pleasure, find and eliminate the causes of low libido. Couples have sex the male partner should try to learn the basic knowledge of sex, improve their sexual ability a skill method. Through the communication of both sides, find out the most satisfactory method of sexual intercourse suitable for both sides. You can cold water rinse or towel wet compress penis, the patient every night before going to bed, with cold water rinse penis 3 ~ 5 minutes, or before sexual intercourse first with a cold towel wet compress penis for a few minutes, so that the penis vascular contraction to reduce the degree of congestion, prevention and control of premature ejaculation.

After the age of 60, when you enter old age, you should also keep at least 1 time a month. This is from the general point of view, each person may be appropriate to add or subtract from the specific situation. Under normal circumstances, but in order to long-term, balanced, maintain the best, even to sixty or seventy years old, do not suspend, cut off, so that you can maintain a certain long-term sexual ability, couples grow old together.

Do you know how important sex education is in marriage?

I. Impact of the lack of sex education on marriage
From “no sex education” to “cheating sex education” to “want to do it but don’t know how to do it”, people’s attitude toward sex education has changed quietly and slightly over the decades. The attitude toward sex education has changed quietly and slightly over the decades. However, in the opinion of many people, sex education has always been a low priority and “even resisted”.
How exactly sex education should be taught is certainly important, but it is still secondary to specific discussions and research. And the most important thing is that because of the lack of sex education on the impact of marriage, sex education must be carried out, not to talk about “sex”, avoid the problem.
Second, the sex education in marriage
Sex education in marriage, the first can make the couple can have a satisfactory and safe sex life. Sex is the glue of marriage, is the highest form of the couple’s hearts and minds, together as one. If the sex is not harmonious, the marriage relationship is difficult to complete.
There are theories that: sexual intercourse is the highest and most ideal form of intimate behavior, sex brings physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction, so normal people should be from the physical stimulation of sexual intercourse and orgasm; who can get orgasm from sexual intercourse are “normal” people, those who can not get is “abnormal” people, orgasmic dysfunction, should receive sexual treatment.
In this philosophy, many wives who can not achieve orgasm will produce anxiety, fear, worry and sadness, in order to make themselves appear so-called normal, they have to pretend to achieve orgasm in exchange for the approval of their husbands. Some husbands do not review the subjective factors why they failed to let their wives enjoy orgasm, but blame each other is actually sexually dysfunctional, which not only caused great psychological damage to their wives, but also the disregard for their sexual rights.
Third, the concept of marriage and sex education
Marriage view, simply put, is that people’s views and attitudes towards marriage and family, and marriage view and sex education is often inseparable from each other. If the lack of sex education, will also affect people’s view of marriage, sex is originally a blessing in marriage, and is not shameful, people who can receive the correct sex education and sex concept, may avoid the occurrence of many injuries, the pleasure of sexual intercourse is from the love and mutual respect of the couple.

Sexual aversion and physical boredom how to properly redeem?

1、Sexual aversion

Sexual aversion is a continuous state of hatred for sexual life or awareness of sexual activities. The performance of the fear of sex and anxiety, and produce boredom. Patients mentally aversion to normal sexual behavior, accompanied by physiological and sexual behavior abnormal reaction; both men and women can develop, with more women.

2, physiological boredom how to redeem

A friend encountered such a problem, so annoyed with a person, even if reason tells you can not do so, but still hate her, hear her talk and laugh will be very strong feeling uncomfortable, because of work reasons, have to communicate, but every time and she speaks even they can feel their voice tone becomes cold, even to the point where they can not control, next to the person is also estimated to have felt, now feel So embarrassing. This situation also often happens between lovers, so how to get back such physical boredom?

Many times, this requires us to communicate with each other and also with ourselves!

In general, hate a person, we big deal do not get along with him, out of sight, out of mind. But if the other party is a lover is a friend, then there is the need to redeem. If we hate him, precisely because he has certain qualities, and we hate ourselves some similar, then we should not try to reconcile with themselves, to understand why they will boast, but also precisely to cover up their own low self-esteem, in fact, the inner need for encouragement and comfort.

Treating people you hate, precisely because of the principle of mutual repulsion, he can also feel your aura of disgust, resulting in two people increasingly hostile to each other. You should try to take the initiative to climb, from the meeting to say hello, so there is no burden, if the other party is not wood, see your initiative to show goodwill, will also give the return.

No one wants to be hated, your disgust may also hurt others, so disgusted with a person, do not use too much negative emotions to treat, analyze the reasons clearly, and actively solve the problem, is the attitude.
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Can Enlarged Prostate Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Old age comes with its goodies. It is normal for someone to get mature and to grow old. Naturally, as you mature in age, your cells/tissues/organs experience changes. Their functions will not be as when you are young. One of the changes in question is prostate enlargement. The by-product of the enlargement can cause erectile dysfunction?

This enlargement is natural for most men, and it leads to what is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This condition is a non-malignant disease, meaning it is not cancerous.

After being diagnosed with BPH, men are always worried about their sex life. Their thought is whether they will be able to perform well in bed again as before.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where men find it difficult to maintain a stable erection before or during sex. The problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) often develops gradually.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms might include, difficulty having an erection, keeping an erection, and reduced sexual desire. In case you witness this kind of symptoms, please visit your doctor in time.

Enlarged Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction Relationship:-

`The relationship between BPH and ED are similarly related in the area of age. Both are conditions that impact men’s life through age maturity. Though they are separate and distinct, they do have connections.

The majority of men with enlarged prostates (BPH) might have experienced erectile dysfunction sometimes. Ejaculatory problems might be associated with it. Similarly, men with BPH, coupled with lower urinary tract symptoms, might also be linked with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is not directly caused by BPH, but the treatment of it with some specific drugs is responsible. Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms are also associated with BPH. Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) occur with elderly men over the mature age of 50 that have BPH.

LUTS can manifest in men with BPH in form of nocturnal urination, frequent urination, urgency in urinating, and incomplete emptying of the bladder. Unfortunately, both BPH and erectile dysfunction increases with age.

Enlarged Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction Link:-

Maturity in age plays a major role when it comes to having an enlarged prostate (BPH) and erectile dysfunction (ED). Research studies were carried out on the similarity, differences, and the link between BPH and ED.

One of the most interesting clinical trials to me was the Male Cologne Survey, which involves 4,489 men. These men were aged between 30 and 80. The survey and the statistics reveal that a high percentage of men who had lower tract symptoms due to BPH also had erectile dysfunction.

In the Multinational Survey of the Ageing Male (MSAM-7), 14,000 men aged between 50 and 80 years were surveyed. The result findings of the Male Cologne Survey were compared with MSAM-7. Both studies confirmed high percentage of people with BPH associated with LUTS is linked with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

How Does BPH Treatment Cause ED?

There are two pharmacological classes of drugs used to treat BPH. They are: – Alpha-blockers and 5-alpha reeducates inhibitors

Alpha- blockers: These are drugs used mainly for the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension). It is also used in the treatment of enlargement of the prostate. (BPH)

These drugs lower high blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. Thereby enhancing free blood flow in the circulatory system.

In the case of prostate enlargement, alpha-blockers function by, (1) relaxing the muscles of the bladder. (2) By also relaxing the muscle that surrounds your prostate gland so that you can pass urine more easily.

Alpha – blockers include alfuzosin, doxazocin, tamsulosin, and silodosin. This drug is useful in the treatment of BPH. What of the noted side effects like erectile dysfunction(ED), dry organism (retrograde ejaculation) calls for concern? The side effect of alpha-blocker can even lead to a decrease in the production of seminal fluids. I suggest medical practitioners let their patients know of the side effect before administering the drug to them.

5-alpha-reductase inhibitors: 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor is a category of drugs used in managing enlarged prostate BPH). Also useful in managing the male type of hair loss called (Androgenic alopecia). The two widely used drugs in this category are dutasteride and finasteride. These drugs are considered safe and effective for treating BPH, but what of the side effects?

The scare in using 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors for the treatment of BPH is the sexual problem it promotes. Both drugs used in treating BPH, especially the Alpha-blockers works by relaxing the muscles surrounding the prostate. Because of the drug action, the elasticity and the real function of the muscle cells/fibers are affected. This leads to chains of problems around the prostate area, which eventually ends up in erectile dysfunction(ED).

Surgery: This is another form of managing the treatment of the prostate. This type of surgery is called a Transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP). The surgery is carried out in such a way that the inner portion of the prostate is removed. Later this can lead to retrograde ejaculation. Although retrograde ejaculation is not harmful, the problem is that semen fluid comes out of the bladder alongside urine.

When you have a derangement in the functionality of a system, it affects the end product of that system. TUIP, which can lead to retrograde ejaculation, might affect the male fertility hormone. If any of the male fertility hormones are disarranged, it affects the male organ to function properly.

What an Erotic Sensual Massage Does For Your Sex Life?

Similar to dancing, eating and breathing, getting a sensual massage is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Some patrons of this rubdown therapy are even of the opinion that an erotic sensual rubdown is better than having sex. Whilst others believe that it is an excellent way to add an extra dimension to bedroom play. Below given is a brief about what a sensual massage can do for your overall personal well-being and love life.

Relieve your stress and help relax

If you did not already know, stress and anxiety are one of the biggest obstacles to a healthy and exciting sex life. When there is too much going on in your head, you will not be able to enjoy sex. In fact, stress is known to be a major libido killer. This is a serious problem because today’s modern life is full of stress and you are not spared from it. Stresses come from all sides – house chores, family life, children’s future and of course, work.

So, it is important that you find the time to iron out the knots in your body, especially lower back, shoulders and neck. Also, take care of that bump in your back that can put an extra spring in your step and help you walk a bit taller.

Of course, a normal massage can also relieve stress, but traditional massages do not take into consideration sexual tension. This is where erotic sensual massage in London stands apart from the rest of rubdown therapies. Masseuses will not only cater to your bodily aches, but also sexual and emotional tension.

Increased flexibility

Do you want to bring some variation to bedroom play? Want to try out different positions? For that, you need to strengthen your muscles and enhance flexibility. Massage is one of the best ways to fine tune your body whilst boosting overall well-being and health. The art of massage has been an important part of the healthcare culture for many eras. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were at it for as early as five thousand years ago and even the Romans, the Chinese, the Mesopotamians and the Greeks.

Massaging greatly enhances flexibility and also strengthens muscles. When you are flexible, it will not take you too long to come up with an entire catalogue of interesting ideas for intimacy with your partner.

Learn new moves

Massage therapists performing sensual erotic rubdowns make use of certain special techniques to provide both relaxation and stimulation. After getting a sensual massage a couple of times, you can pick up on those movements and techniques. When your partner is exhausted and needs some motivation, you can perform the same techniques on her to make her feel relaxed and also aroused. Not only will she thank you for massaging and ironing out the knots in her muscles, but you can also expect to have the favour returned in wonderfully delicious ways.

Chance to explore your body and sensuality

A lot of times, having sex might not turn out to be as good as it was in your imagination. There can be various reasons for this. But, one that rarely people talk about is not knowing what you want exactly. Generally, men think that their penis is the only erogenous area that needs attention. But, that is not true. The entire body is an erogenous area and getting an erotic massage is the best way to explore your own sensuality and even your body. You will discover the areas of your body that are sensitive to touch and you can put that knowledge to test during your next intimate encounter.

So, book yourself a sensual massage appointment in London and enjoy the above-mentioned perks. Your sex life will improve and you will not only be healthier, but also happier.